Superhydrophilic coating based on nanotechnology which protects both outdoor and indoor glass surfaces against water, dust and stains, among others. This innovative solution designed by TECNAN creates self-cleaning surfaces  when it rains removing dirt and stains with ease.

Tecnadis SELFCLEAN ULTRA thanks to its outstanding properties facilitates and reduces radically the maintenance and cleaning tasks of glass surfaces, therefore their costs decreasing the consumption of water, energy, chemical products and staff.

Superhydrophilic solution


Self-cleaning surfaces


Does not depend on the sun


Not based on TiO₂ technology


Transparent. Does not change aesthetic conditions of glass

Anti-dust protection


Protection for indoor and outdoor surfaces


Resists UV radiation and atmospheric agents


Reduces cleaning times and maintenance costs


Long-standing protection of glass. Durability of 3 years

To watch the full video of Tecnadis SELFCLEAN ULTRA real effects click in the following video: